We help ecommerce retailers make their customers happy

WMS 360 is the inventory and shipping platform for ecommerce. Imagine if selling online was as easy as buying online. WMS 360 exists to make this a reality for hundreds of businesses.


Our mission is to help retail brands provide the best experience to their customers

Being a retailer is tough. Managing sales across multiple channels; Shipping via multiple carriers to customers all over the world; Processing refunds; Managing B2B orders; Forecasting inventory; The list is endless.

WMS 360 handles all the pain of being a fast-paced omnichannel retailer, so you can focus on what’s most important – providing an amazing experience for your customers.


WMS360 is the Ultimate Solution for your multichannel eCommerce business

Before creating WMS 360 founded in 2019. WMS 360 was created to solve unmanageable problem in multichannel ecommerce business. Manage inventory in multiple platform is a real nightmare and keeping his customers happy was becoming an impossible task. That’s why we come out with idea of something that would sync his inventory across all sales channels, and help ship orders to customers anywhere. Something that would help him deliver the experience that his customers truly deserved.


At WMS 360, our mission is to help retail brands provide the best customer experience to customers everywhere

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