WMS 360 Features

A single platform that gives you complete control of your entire inventory – no matter how many sales channels or warehouses you operate from

Know what you have and where you have it

Multichannel stock sync

WMS 360 automatically updates your sales channels in real-time as you buy, sell, add or transfer inventory.

Make stock adjustments

Quickly make small changes to your inventory levels from damaged products or marketing giveaways.

Track purchase orders

Have a clear view of what’s coming in and when. Mark POs as shipped and keep track of orders that haven’t been delivered, or only partially received.

Send confirmation emails

Choose to send customers automated confirmation emails when their order has shipped. You can even include tracking details when available.

Track shipments in one place

Get a clear view of all your multichannel shipments in one place. So you and your support team know exactly where every order is at any one time.

Manage multichannel orders

Manage orders from all your ecommerce stores, marketplaces in one platform. Order status gets automatically updated in the relevant channel.

Easy to setup & use

Connect all your sales channels and shipping carriers to WMS 360 in just a few clicks. Then manage everything from our simple, cloud-based platform.

Find orders with search & filters

Quickly find any order with live search, and priorities with a range of filters. You can even save commonly used views for easy access – either privately or across your entire team

Bulk CSV import & export

Bulk upload any orders to WMS 360 from outside your connected sales channels via CSV import. Or export from WMS 360 to CSV for more in-depth analysis or bulk editing.

Transfer stock

Easily transfer inventory between locations, while keeping track of incoming and outgoing units by location.

Multi-warehouse stock

Track on-hand, incoming and available inventory across multiple retail stores and warehouses, including FBA.

Receive inventory

Receive inventory from suppliers or warehouse transfers, and get it booked in and ready for sale in record time.

Thee ultimate inventory management platform

Advanced inventory control and automation

Put your warehouse operations on autopilot

Create workflows to automate mundane tasks using custom triggers or conditions.

Select shipping services based on delivery options, assign specific branded invoices to orders based on sales channel, add order tags based on customer ZIP code – and much more.

Ship your customer orders in minutes

Ship customer orders from any sales channel with direct shipping integrations

Realtime multichannel data for agile decision making

Forecast demand at the right time, maximise the highs. Track and audit everything from multichannel sales, to picker performance. Take the headache out of replenishment by automating booking and purchasing.